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Hencol APW

Weighing station

Data entry to the LiveStock Planner beef production system.

Hencol - Weighing station

We supply turnkey weighing systems that work in your production. We support a range of different configurations such as stables, feed-lot and gracing. We support different production types ranging from calves production to finishing.

We can supply crates that suit the different ways of weighing with the quality required to last for everyday use in demanding stable environments or outdoors – year after year. Solar powered if needed.

The cages are made of stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized tops. They are equipped with our weighing technology, Hencol service gateway with wireless network, electronic eartag reader (RFID) and data communication equipment in APW weighing. Our systems are IoT (Internet of Things) platforms and can be configured to support additional sensors such as temperature, cameras and water consumption.

  • Hencol APW is our unique Autonomous Precision Weighing.

  • Follow animal growth and plan for optimal meat production.

  • With the slaughter forecast, you know the date of slaughter several months in advance and can plan accordingly. For example, you do not need to weigh before shipping animals.

Hencol - Walk over weighing

The animals do the job!

With our Autonomous Precision Weighing – winner of the Elmia Innovation Award 2015 – the animals are registered without stress, several times per day in connection with their daily routines. Thanks to our advanced AI based algorithms, the information quality is superior to manual weighing and all other methods. This makes it possible to track the production in detail in LiveStock Planner, including detailed growth, feed efficiency and animal health.

Current weight, growth and slaughter forecast with both group-median values and individual data for each animal. If you want our weighing systems can be rotated to cover multiple locations. We provide stable slaughter forecast several months ahead.

Hencol APW supports allot of different configurations, for example it works equally well for straw bed pens and cubicle houses as in grazing grounds. If needed, it can be supplied with solar power. We provide turnkey solutions that are customized for our customers.

Individual customization

The weighing stations are adapted to your type of facility and the weighing method used. The weighing crates are available in sizes for finishing cattle and calf/semi-finished animals. Existing treatment crates or crushes and animal scales can easily be supplemented with Hencol’s stable computer system. After upgrading, you get a complete, fully automatic weighing station that can be completed with automated sorting integrated with the LSP web service.

Fully automatic traditional weighing

Where existing stables do not allow for unmanned weighing stations a central treatment site can instead be a functional solution, automated as desired:

  • With a roundabout, animals are driven safely against the driveway to the scale.

  • With electronically tagging, animal traffic can be completely automatic via motion detectors and compressed air controlled gates.

  • A person can automatically and safely weigh over 100 animals per hour.

  • With a cellphone or tablet you can see actual weights, make notes, link eartags, etc. directly in the LSP via the stable computer.

Hencol Weighing Station

Stationary Weighing

For stationary weighing, a custom weighing station is placed in front of water cup or any other ”carrot” such as molasses or salt bricks.

Walk over Weighing

A weighing station for so-called walk over weighing can be installed in cubicle stables or at the entrance to straw bed pens. Supplemented with one-way gates for controlled animal traffic the weight of each animal is registered with the Hencol weighing station.

Fully automatic sorting

Your weighing crate can be supplemented with automatic sorting. Sorting can be specified weeks in advance, with filtering on different animal data in the database.

The result depends on how often you weigh

The weights are recorded for manual weighing and displayed with growth between each weight. After 8-10 manual weights for an animal the slaughter forecast curve can be computed. If a crush already exists on the farm it can be upgraded to a Hencol weighing station.