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The Cloud

The digital revolution in agriculture is already here. Collecting, reading and acting on real-time big data changes the industry fundamentally.

Increased profitability
with real-time data

Hencol AB is the only company in the world that has developed a production system for meat producers based on unmanned weighing linked to IoT and AI. We have unique data collecting and processing to facilitate the farmers making the right decision. We are changing the entire industry.

It all start with a tiny yellow earring. The calves gets digital ID-tags. This smart little thing allows us to collect big data related to the production. When the animal enters the weight station the ID-tag responds with the system and data is collected. Thanks to the provided real-time data all new possibilities opens up.


Electronic labelled animals allow for traceability of animals and meat.


While having full control over the animals weights. Simple, effective and correct.


Our solution predicts growth and slaughter date. Automatic and correct.

Electronic labelled animals allow for traceability and gives total overview over the livestock. The animals weighing themselves gives less stressed animals, safer work environment and time for other tasks. Monitor growth curves on individual level and discover deviations in time. Optimize growth and slaughter weight to get a reliable income forecast. In the end of the day every step is optimized and sums up to an increased profitability. The Hencol system also results in less environmental impact due to optimal slaughter weight and more efficient transports.


The animal handles the weighing themselves, giving time for other tasks.


Better conditions for profitable slaughter at optimal weights. All accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Better slaughter weights, healthier animals and great time savings all provide and improve profitability.

Mobile devices

Unique data collecting

Hencol’s unique data from the farms contributes to the integration of the food industry’s value chain where agriculture is an important part. The increased exchange of data in the value chain means that companies face new realities and need to rethink their market position.