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Vital information for breeders.
In real time.

Our solution

Let the animals weigh themselves in their own stress free environment

We take responsibility for collecting all weight data autonomusliy. Ensuring that our service and all its hardware work properly. So you can focus on your animals well being and making sure your production is going well.

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Support for all types of manual weighing incl. digital animal administration and reporting.

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LSP-Decision Support

Unmanned weighing incl. digital animal administration and reporting, growth forecast and production planning.

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Optimize your business further with the health and feed module.


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New insights into your ongoing production with real time data

Together with our customers, we create entirely new conditions for running a profitable and sustainable business.

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Hencol - Weighing station


Regardless of what solution you choose, you get everything bundled into a flexible service that includes everything. Completely free from heavy investment requirements!

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Andreas Sävefjärd – Beef producer, Sweden

“Today I know that I produce more climate-smart meat thanks to Hencol system”

More benefits

Today I know I produce more climate-smart meat thanks to Hencol system

Andreas Sävefjärd, SwedenBeef producer

Now I dare to finish my animals to their optimal target weight.

Erik Karlsson, SwedenBeef producer

The Hencol system predicts the exact date when this will occur and it is spot-on target

Erik Karlsson, SwedenBeef producer

Are you a part of the value chain?

Do you want to know more about what our data can do for your business?

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