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A simple way to reduce your administration and arrange your Livestock digitally. Put in your data manually from wherever you are in one system and get reports and retrieve the information most important to you. This is the base  module in Hencols LiveStock Planner (LSP).

  • No more notes on paper – you handle everything digitally in the system
  • The system can communicate with other systems using an open platform
  • Make notes, group, move and keep track of all your animals
  • Accessible from wherever you are via smartphone, tablet or pc.

LSP-Decision Support

Streamline your production using this Module. The animals weigh themselves in our fully Autonomous Weighing Station. Follow weight and growth in real time, know the date for reaching the set target weight on each individual animal and get alerts for all deviations. The system gives optimal decision support so you can focus on the most relevant measures.

This Module includes: 

  • PM – Production Module
  • AWS – Autonomous Weighing Station
  • Take active decisions based on facts in real-time
  • Growth estimations-, planning-, and follow up all in one system
  • Optimise- and plan intake of new animals long in advance
  • Get notes of all deviations in real-time directly on your smartphone
  • Full control over your entire Livestock – growth-, optimisation of fodder consumption etc.


This Module includes the medical journal and production outcome report. Improve animal health using our Health Module and detect early diseases and injured animals in an early stage. Our Fodder Efficiency Module makes it easy to optimise fodder rations.

This Module includes:

  • HM – Health Module
  • FEM – Fodder Efficiency Module
  • Early Disease Detection via FLIR-camera
  • Health Condition Monitoring connected to medical journal on individual level
  • Fodder Efficiency