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The beef production module in the LiveStock Planner web services.

Hencol LiveStock Production

Livestock planning made easy

Hencols’ system improves your profitability and control of animals and control of ongoing production. You save time while having full control of your herd. Your planning will be more accurate with several months forecast of slaughter, reintegration and cash flow.

  • Fully automatic weighing.
  • Growth monitoring and weight monitoring.
  • Automatic slaughter planning.
  • Production follow-up and management.
Hencol Connected Livestock overview

Hencol’s production management – for profitability

The animals weigh themselves, in their daily environment with Hencol weighing stations, completely unstressed so you do not have to identify animals and record weights.

Other information, such as animal observations, is instantly added to the LSP from the mobile phone – you can skip paper and pen yet have all the information in one place, accessible from different platforms to anyone on farm.

For sale and final fattening, set the target weights for each gender and race as LiveStock Planner then steer towards. The function is equally useful for mid calves as for ungnöt. Preliminary slaughter planning is done automatically.

Planning and follow-up of production is according to your selection. Ongoing production is being monitored up for optimization and cost reduction – while in progress. Hencol’s production management – for profitability Being able to send whole groups to slaughter is facilitated by LSP so accidentally ”picked” by slaughtered animals are minimized.

You dare to increase the criteria weightfor slaughter to avoid sending too light animals. With slaughter at optimal weight, profitability improves. Higher average weight and shorter rearing time yield higher revenues. At the same time, our customers show an increase in production by approximately 10% when numbers are available in a production system.

Classification results and slaughter data can be evaluated prior of next season using simple tools.

Hencol LiveStock Manager

World leading follow-up of growth variations

Current weight and estimated growth are calculated automatically, with much higher precision than any other method. For slaughter planning, each animal does not need to be weighed continuously – Hencol’s calculation model give such precise results that 3-4 days of consecutive weighing are sufficient.

When animals are weighed over longer periods, their growth can be followed in detail with Hencol’s latest world-leading calculation model. It enables proper growth-controlled breeding with alarms for small growth and weight changes. AI based algorithms can now capture small growth deviations by autonomous weighing in an automatic tool to monitor varied growth. In the fodder efficiency module ongoing growth is mapped against the current feed rations and amount.

Hencol LiveStock Manager - Individual overview
Hencol - Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits

Breeding time is minimized by growthcontrolled final fattening. This reduces both feed consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Being able to send whole groups to slaughter is facilitated by LSP and transport optimized. Another contribution to less environmental impact.