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Animal Management, Administration, and Reporting Module in the LiveStock Planner Web Services

Hencol LiveStock Manager

Easy to use and profitable


LSP Manager makes the job easier and more efficient – you do not need paper notes and instances. With LSP Manager you have full control over your crew. LSP works equally well in browser on computer as in mobile phone – no additional programs are needed. For example, you can make notes on your mobile when you’re in the middle of the animals and compile your computer in the office. All pages can be printed, and data exported to Excel, if you have created your own calculations earlier. The system is safe and accurate. All data is stored sure on our servers. You decide which information to be collected depending on your production.

The system has no limitations in the number of production sites, animals or users – completely scalable for your business. With electronic marking weighing is recorded fully automatically. Powerful filtering features give you quickly the requested information for individuals and at group level.

  • The market’s most easy-to-use system for convenient animal management and reporting.
  • You handle both groups and individual animals, traditionally labeled or electronically ”tagged”.
  • Many filtering options for searching animals.
  • Good overview where you decide which information to display.
  • Approved digital reporting and stable records by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.
  • Developed with leading Swedish beef producers.
The market’s most easy-to-use system
Digital ear tags
Hencol LiveStock Planner - Connected ID-tags

Electronic ear tags – fast, safe, simple and accurate

Electronic tags can never read the wrong identity. Electronic ear tags are also a prerequisite for digitization and automatic registration.

Practical animal administration

  • Full control of where the animals are located and all data about them.

  • Grouping of animals into the computer for various actions and analysis.

  • Reminders are generated automatically so you do not forget anything.

  • Suitable for both electronically tagged and traditionally marked animals.

  • Stable journal with automatic generation of report files to the Swedish National Animal database (CDB), approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Practical animal administration
Mobile devices

Mobile devices


Full control of where the animals are located and all data about them.


For grazing, change of production site or selection for slaughter. At every occurance identification and administration is facilitated.


You work safely at a distance from the animals with the protection of gates and driveways.


No reading errors from dirty or lost earflaps. Correct identification without notes.