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En easy to use system that works for you

Hencol offer an all-in-one solution for beef producers. Weight and growth in realtime, feed costs and much much more

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Powerful tools for farmers

That never before existed

Automatic weighing

We created a custom scale. That works in any environment. Let your animals weigh themselves. Without any human contact. In their own stress free environment.

Reliable growth and weight data in real time

All the data you get is in real time. Constantly being collected and processed. Without you needing to do anything.

Future forecasts

State of the art algoritms that give you future growth, weight and dates of achieved target weight and much more.

How it works

Hencol - Weighing station

Scale gets installed

A weighing station is delivered and installed in your stable or on pasture and gets connected to the internet. We provide an internet connection if it does not exist.

The animals gets weighed (automatically)

The animals pass the scale automatically when they move normally in the stable or on pasture. The computer on the scale reads the animal's RFID tag and the animal's weight. Everything is sent directly to the cloud.
If the animal does not stand completely on the scales and the weight is not complete, it is automatically deducted.

All information gets available for you

Unique and precise calculations are made with all weight registrations. This provides insights that have before existed for farmers. Such as future forecasts, growth data in real time and in the future, dates of achieved target weight and much more.

About 1 second is all that is needed.

We are proud of our world-leading technology where we can read an animal’s identity (in an RFID tag), measure a weight and send the information up in the cloud, where our algorithms process the data. All in about a second and completely without human intervention.

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Let the animals weigh themselves in their own stress free environment

We take responsibility for collecting your animals weight data. Ensuring that our service and all its hardware work properly. So you can focus on your animals well being and making sure your production is going well.


Breeder, Sweden

“Today I know that I produce more climate smart meat thanks to Hencol system”

More benefits

Today I know I produce more climate smart meat thanks to Hencol system

Breeder from Sweden

Now I dare to finish my animals to their optimal target weight.

Breeder from Sweden

The Hencol system predicts the exact date when this will occur and it is spot on target

Breeder from Sweden

I save 30 hours a month after installing automatic weighing from Hencol

Breeder from Sweden

Two months after installation we now have more than 10000 weights. Pretty amazing and totally automatic.

Breeder from Sweden

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