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This is Hencol

“Hencol presents the next level of precision livestock farming. Our solution works as a stand alone solution as well as integrated in other Agri systems or platforms. We enable digitalization of the entire value chain with significant benefits for all actors involved. We believe in integrating technology as well as partners – join us in our partner network or use our technology in your own system via API”

Digitalization of the Agriculture industry will have even larger impact than the introduction of the milking robot in the 90´s. Hencol is leading the digital transformation in Animal AgTech. We are targeting the huge Global beef market with a net worth of €250 BN per year. The Global demand is growing and new disruptive technologies will be the solution to meet this demand in a  sustainable way, focusing on improved animal health, higher quality and lower environmental impact.Weighing process - Big data collection


Our business concept is based on in-house research and development for the past 10 years. Continues data monitoring of real time production as for example growth by autonomous weighing is a key success factor to optimize decision making. Our technology is based on big data and AI algorithms making it possible for us to give our customers an optimized decision support system in real time,  accessible from wherever you are via smartphone, tablet or PC. Our scalable SaaS solution comes as a service so there is no need for investments. We help our customers transform from traditional analouge to future digital.

Our ambitions, however, goes far beyond the farm. Stakeholders in the supply chain are struggling with poor profitability. We will assist in creating the digital value chain from “fodder to table”​ all over the world with significant benefits for all actors involved.

Our technology can be applied on several other types of animal husbandry and species as well, such as horses, animals in Zoo, etc.