Erik Karlsson – Beef producer, Sweden

"Previous generations put 4-5 working hours per day on their animals. Now I spend less than 1 hour per day and the animals are less stressed"


A revolutionising digital decision support system – which will change Livestock Management forever.

Big time savings!

With our Autonomous Weighing you save a lot of handling-time, get much more exact information and at the same time a safer working environment with less stress for the animals. See all information directly in the web-based system. Take the right decisions based on real facts in real-time and improve your profitability.

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From Analogue to Digital – Hencol is with you all the way

Our products


With the LSP-Administration module we help our customers to transform from being analogue to become digital.

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LSP-Decision Support

With our module LSP-Decision Support we help our customers optimise and streamline their production.

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With our Module LSP-Optimisation we create totally new possibilities for our customers and their businesses.

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Subscription – No investment – Easy to use!

Choose the solution that suits your needs. You can always upgrade the subscription to the next Module in your own pace. No matter what you choose every Module comes as a subscription – No investments needed!

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Andreas Sävefjärd – Beef producer, Sweden

“Today I know that I produce more climate-smart meat thanks to Hencol system”

More benefits

Today I know I produce more climate-smart meat thanks to Hencol system

Andreas Sävefjärd, SwedenBeef producer

Now I dare to finish my animals to their optimal target weight.

Erik Karlsson, SwedenBeef producer

The Hencol system predicts the exact date when this will occur and it is spot-on target

Erik Karlsson, SwedenBeef producer

Are you a part of the value chain?

Do you want to know more about what our data can do for your business?

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